Day Fifty Four

Today I went to the UF vs Tennesse Basketball game with my Twin Christina! (we both have the same big sister in the sorority) It was so much fun! The last basketball game I went to was against like FAU so that was a joke of a game. But tonight we played TENNESSE who beat us 60-61 earlier this year. Well I am happy to report we CREAMED TENNESSE! (go gators!) The final score was 75-62. Erving Walker and Chandler Parsons both had AMAZING games! Walker drained like three 3 pointers in a row…You can use your imagination to create a picture of the crowd…remember we are called the Rowdy Reptiles. We definitely lived up to that name! Here is the picture of the day…From the Basketball Game…Choosing the picture was hard, but I feel like it describe the game well…You can see Chandler Parsons putting up a three pointer, plus the orange and blue pom pom! I did have one of the old guys infront of us wearing the du-rag (spelling?) they handed out. They were all there with their wives, who were mortified by the old men (it was hilarious!) Overall a really fun night my Twin and I talked about EVERYTHING in life. Best story of the night…

Sara: “Oh My brother got into UF last weekend”

Twin: “My brother got arrested last weekend”

So now you are all probably wondering why, but it was not really his fault, just guilty by association (he picked his friend up after he “the friend” beat someone up) but my  twin spent her night bailing him out of jail.

So Ryan if you are reading this…you are a GOOD brother, and I better NEVER have to bail you out of jail (that goes for you too Matthew!)

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