Day Fifty Five

Today was Wednesday and I luckily did not have a test! (I have had two in the past two weeks!) The one bad thing about today, I woke up with the world’s worst sore throat and it did not go away :(! Fingers crossed I am not getting sick. At Girl Scouts today Natalie and I talked to the girls about Camp! They all get to go for free, but they never turn their forms in. They all seemed very excited about it so I am hoping they turn in their forms. After Girl Scouts I had Art Lab, by this point I could barely keep my eyes open, I just wanted to go to sleep! Ok, and I feel like I owe my art T.A. an apology, she is not THAT bad. We had to do self portraits today and I am very impressed with how mine turned out! After art I had to go pick up Girl Scout cookies (YUM!) and I got the BEST news of the day…Susan (our advisor) offered Natalie and JOBS…my first real job! We will get paid to work in the Girl Scout office and to lead a few more troops. We get to keep our girls too! On top of this good news, we get to start in the summer which is great because I will be here for summer classes (joy!) When I finally made it home I passed out at 10:30 (I have a test tomorrow so studying was not very productive)

Picture of the day is from outside my sorority house. I noticed this a few days ago, but we have the GREENEST lawn on row (Thanks Papa Don!) This picture shows the comparison, I find it hilarious! haha


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