Day Fifty Three

Today I survived my LAST common hour of the semester…no more 7:25 AM classes! (woohoo!) We found out about scheduling for next semester…and ALL the electives we still need to take…hello summer courses! I got today’s picture of the day while driving to class (I had a long debate in my head this morning about driving and parking at the Reitz or Riding the bus…driving won!) And I would also like to point out that I was honestly the ONLY person on the road when this was taken and I kind of pulled over (or just stopped haha!) But again it was like 6:50 AM no one was driving on campus…so my safety was in no way endangered by taking this picture…and I would not have attempted it had there been more cars on the road (promise!) Here it is…of course my phone camera just not do it justice but it was an AMAZING sunrise over Lake Alice (one of my favorite places on campus!) I forgot to mention yesterday I saw a bride outside of the chapel on Lake Alice she looked so pretty! After class I had tutoring…Today my mentee and I attempted to read a book about a cake (A Junie B. Jones Book) it was so sad because she struggled A LOT reading the book…and I remember reading Junie B. in 2nd Grade (she is in 4th) So I feel like we will be spending a lot more time on reading. After we read some of the book we baked a FUNFETTI cake! :)! So we did work and added some fun in. I ended up y an extra half an hour while the cake finished we played Candyland :)! She creamed me…I used to be the QUEEN of Candyland…I guess my skills have faded with age. She brought her camera so I am thinking about making a cookbook for her final project, because so far we have made dessert sushi and cake. She also wants to make a Beyonce music video for her final project….but I do not think that is educational nor would it be approved! Instead we are going to learn the parts of the song next week and write our own.

Oh! I also SUCCESSFULLY planned my first service project for ACTIONS! We will be helping at the Children’s Home Society of Florida. They have a thrift store there and need some help organizing it…so now I just need to make sure I can get at least TEN members to show up…sounds easy when there is 40 members right? Nope not so easy…I will keep you posted on how it works out but so far I only have 4 confirmations…


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