Day Forty Nine

Today was Thursday and I had class and Tutoring then I was going home to Winter Park (YAY!) Class went by so slowly! We had to turn in our childrens book (I thought mine was pretty awesome till I got to class and saw everyone elses! haha!) I was proud of my work though because I HAND drew all my pictures by myself! (GO artistic Sara!) So when class finally ended I went home packed and then headed to Tutoring with my car packed! Mentee got a cellphone so she spent most of the time showing it to me…We also made dessert Sushi (it was a fail like most things I cook..but she loved it!) Score two for Sara! But I made the BIG mistake of giving her my cellphone number, I needed to get her phone number because I have to do a caregiver interview with her mom. So she has been texting me ALL day…she even called me later in the night and left a message…I feel like I crossed the line of professionalism (Step in the right direction…Go Ms. Sara!) I think I have been handling it fairly well I only text her back if she asks a question and I do not ask any! Today’s picture is my doggy Bailey…I miss her SO much! I want a puppy at school ( A golden retriever just like her!)


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