Day Forty Eight

Sorry for the delay in photos! It has been a hectic few days…as you are soon to see! Today was ASH WEDNESDAY…which for those of you who don’t know starts the Lenten Season. Us Catholics do not eat meat on Ash Wednesday or any Friday during Lent. My roommate Amanda and I went to 7 AM mass…yes in the MORNING! Crazy I know but it was the ONLY time I could go because I had a meeting and class during all the other times. When Amanda and I got in my car we could not see anything out the windows…literally nothing. My windows were covered in a thick coat of ice…and it was taking forever to thaw out so I got out and used my jacket sleeve to scratch a little hole to see out of of. When I finished it looked like snow covered my jacket sleeve! I guess that is as close to snow as I will ever get in Florida :)! I spent the rest of the day fasting (one meal and two snacks) and I am proud to say this is the first year I was fairly successful!

Todays picture is after I scratched a little hole to see out of…I just love how Amanda looks so excited in this picture…she is going to kill me for using it…but oh well! haha! :)!

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