Day Forty Seven

Today was extra cold! I seriously think Florida is trying to become a Northern state! (all we are missing is the snow!) This morning I was lucky because Amanda was driving to campus because she had to do an interview after class! (which meant no bus!) But we got quite a surprise when we walked outside this morning. Ice was EVERYWHERE on the car! You could not see out the windshield (well luckily you could from the drivers seat, I on the other hand could see nothing!) And being to Floridians we had NO idea what to do…so we just drove to school VERY carefully…luckily it went away after a few minutes of driving! Today’s picture of the day is Amanda’s sunroof…there were GIANT chunks of ice on it…I guess thats as close to snow as we will get!

Today I had children’s literature and we got to sit in a circle on the floor and have story time for about 15 minutes…welcome to Elementary School! :)! It was pretty fun…then I came home and studied for my test tomorrow! I made notecards…but I have yet to study them…(For those of you who don’t know Procrastination is my middle name!) I watched some more Olympics (GO TEAM USA!) I got to see my future sport Curling…I am seriously DYING to learn how to play this sport, because I think I would be awesome! I also got to watch both Men and Womens hockey…Team USA Mens team beat Switzerland (It was 3-0 when I stopped watching) and Womens beat Russia 13-0…take that! Today is also Fat Tuesday, aka Mardi Gras…meaning tomorrow is Ash Wednesday (Lent starts tomorrow) So I am going to lay out my Lenten Guidelines (what I am giving up). First I will NOT be drinking soda, I will not update my facebook status (which I do quite regularly), and I will not be eating desserts at the house. The soda one may kill me…I have a major addiction to Diet Coke…and I am not ashamed to admit it! The facebook one will be tough because I update is everytime something happens during my day…I am just going to have to depend on my twitter (sorry to all my followers!) I will only update my facebook status if its for an organization I am (for example telling everyone about an event for ACTIONS!) So that is my Lenten Promise…lets hope it all works out! Mass BRIGHT and EARLY tomorrow…which means I will be rocking the ashes all day!


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