Day Forty Six

I will keep today’s entry short and sweet! :)! Not much happened. I had class…we got out early (Great way to start the week!) I got a 95 on my test from last week (woohoo!) and I did not have tutoring! Tonight I went to Beta Theta Pi’s philanthropy Beta Bring It On. It was a cheerleading competition between all the sororities. My twin (we have the same big sister) Christina was cheering! She did it last year as well! It is really awesome getting to see how everyone plans out their routines. Today’s picture is my big (Lauren), my twin (Christina) and I (Sara :)!!) After the competition!

When I got home it was time for Monday night tv…The Buried Life was great as usual…and I have a new favorite MTV show…My Life As Liz. It is so the story of my life…if only MTV discovered me instead of LIZ! haha! But pretty much it is just about the life of your average run of the mill high schooler…who is a little on the dorky side…but it keeps me entertained. Maybe they want to make a more mature show about a college student?  Now I get to read a bunch of childrens literature books in order to prepare for class tomorrow! :)!

P.S. Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday which means Lent starts Wednesday…I have a tough lenten promise planned out…lets hope I can stick to it! :)!

Oh! And I almost forgot…today I discovered THE GREATEST SUMMER OPPORTUNITY EVER! but of course I missed the deadline…It is called Roadtrip Nation and you apply to go on a RoadTrip wherever you want. They provide the RV a camera crew (to document)…so pretty much you get to travel the US while making a documentary! You also get to interview people everywhere you go…and they play some of them on PBS…ok I know its no MTV but we all have to start somewhere! (haha) And after they see Amanda and I attempt to drive an RV…MTV will be calling our names. We are planning on applying next fingers crossed we get it! I am just bummed we missed the deadline for this year, because as of now my summer is completely unplanned and if I don’t figure something out soon I will be stuck taking summer classes….joy!

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