Day Forty Five

Today was VALENTINES DAY, one of the more depressing days for us single people in the world…

I honestly did not do much today, I attempted to make these heart shaped cookies with melted jolly ranchers in the middle (they are supposed to be like stained glass windows) lets just say they did not turn out as planned (and we attempted twice!) One success of the day? I finished reading the BATHROOM book, may possibly be the funniest book I have ever read! Again the title is “The Men’s Guide to the Women’s Bathroom” By Jo Barret. I found it in the bargain bin at Books a Million for THREE Dollars (it was 11.52 on Amazon!! GO ME!) I honestly could not put it down…I read all night and when I woke up I could not do anything until I finished it! I will never be able to use a womens restroom the same way again. She has hilarious lists throughout the book, for example 5 things women HATE to find in the bathrooom. I recommend it 110% :)!

So you are all probably wondering what did I do tonight, On VALENTINES DAY? (well if you could not guess from the depressing opening…I did not have a date) But I did still have a fun night! (thats a positive attitude right? haha) I went to dinner/movie with a bunch of my friends from highschool! I was really glad my friend Lauren came because I NEVER get to see her! (AND SHE GOES TO UF!) So it was a lot of fun all hanging out again. Then we went to see Valentines Day (ironic?) It got HORRIBLE reviews so I was nervous to see it…but never listen to reviews…this movie was GREAT. It is exactly the kind of movie a girl wants to see on Valentines Day, (SPOILER ALERT!!) everyone eventually finds their guy and lives happily ever after. It also had an incredible cast, I could list them all but it would take forever! My favorites in the movie though were Jennifer Garner, Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift (she played a great dumb blonde) Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Eric Dane (McSteamy :)!) and Emma Roberts (Julia Roberts niece)…there was also the cutest kid ever in it! Ok so I guess that was practically the entire cast….but who wouldn’t want to see a movie with all these people? There was even one part I hadn’t predicted (it made me cry…but not like in Dear John…) But of course there were couples in the theater (HELLO!! this is a chick flick take your date to dinner and let all the singles girls see a movie alone without having to be green with envy of your happiness!) Only a few more hours left to Valentines Day…then it is just your average run of the mill Monday! (which means school…greeeat!) Spring Break is only a few weeks away (yes I am counting down the days!)

Picture of the Day…Sara’s FAIL Valentines day cookies (they do taste good I promise!) This picture shows the order of our cooking process. The first one is my first attempt. The next picture shows them uncooked…and the last picture shows the final product. Stained Glass heart shaped cookies….a good idea…but an epic fail :)! Oh well thats how cooking always goes with me…you all remember the pancakes from like day 12ish? haha! If not check it out…those may be even more of a fail!


3 thoughts on “Day Forty Five

  1. Shiau says:

    This is the first time 2 visit your WordPress blog,never got around 2 coming 4 it.It’s a gr8 article I have got 2 say,it’s reporting that the movie(Valetine’s Day) was the worst Valentine’s Movie,ever,so I’d luv to know how’d u feel about this movie.By the way,the cakes,truly,they juz looked so delicious,r u sure u made it by yourself?What an amazing cook!

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