Day Forty Four

Today was a very chill day. Woke up, watched pointless television, then went to the book store. Books a Million to be exact. Amanda and I should NEVER be allowed to go to a book store without supervision. I wanted to buy SO many books. Luckily I only left with three books and one was on sale for three dollars. The cheap one is the one I started reading, it is called “The Men’s Guide to the Women’s Bathroom” it is about a recently divorced woman who realizes she has recieved all of her best advice from random strangers in bathrooms. She decides to compile all of this information into a book, while trying to get on with her own life. It is absolutely hilarious and I am only on page 100! I also bought a book called Lucky You by Carl Hiassen, he wrote Hoot and I loved that movie. He often writes about Florida. I was torn between this book and Hoot but I am fairly sure that I have Hoot back home. Then of course I had to buy a book for my future teacher library. It is by an author I loved as a kid and my childrens literature teacher told us about it! I can’t wait to read it (I am such a nerd!) There were like five others childrens books I wanted to buy, but I resisted. Ok but I was not a nerdy as the group of high school boys sitting in the books a million playing YuGiOh (sp?) but they renamed it NewGiOh (I was observing/trying to a get a picture for today!) They explained the whole game to some middle aged man who was actually interested. (These same boys were playing this game when we came about a month ago!) When we got home Amanda and I checked the mail, I was hoping for a package from my mom, it did not arrive yet :(! But I got a package from Amazon! I ordered three books, only two came in this package. One of them is for a friend but the other is amazing! It is called 5. You fill in the pages and plot your life for the next 5 years. I also made a list of 101 things I want to do before I die so I could include it in the book. I would type it all up, but I already wrote it twice (once in my journal and once in the 5 book) After writing it I have a strong desire to go travel the world, almost half of the things on my list involves traveling. The rest of the day went by pretty slowly I had a horrible headache :(! So I just hung out at home watching movies and reading my book. I watched Pride and Prejudice (I am now going to read that after I finish the bathroom book) I absolutely love that movie, well I love practically any movie, especially romance movies! Then we watched Enchanted, another great romance movie. Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden make for a great movie, and I love Amy Adams as an actress. The best part of the entire movie? Jon McLaughlin (my FAVORITE singer) makes a cameo at the end of the movie! Ok and the rest of the songs in the movie are great as well! :)!

Picture of the day is of a book we saw while checking out! I really wanted it but I was not going to fork over $15 for it! (I am so cheap haha!) But this book was called Focus on Love and it was filled with these amazing photographs of things shaped as hearts! For example one was an island in the middle of the lake shaped like a HEART! I took a few pictures with my phone…but I chose the cover for todays picture! It shows a variety. Oh and the LOVE inspired picture is for Valentines Day tomorrow…or should I say Singles Awareness Day?

2 thoughts on “Day Forty Four

  1. Grandma Mary Ann says:

    Hi Sara–While waiting for Grandpa to get up, I went back to day 1 on your blog–what fun. I didn’t know that Mike’s apple and my duck–actually I think he’s really a goose–were featured.
    We loved seeing you and hope we’ll see you again real soon–this helps keep in touch. Someday when you’re are famous this can be includeed in your Memoirs. We watched The Elevator Girl last night and enjoyed it too. Grandpa actually stayed awake for the whole thing. Have a Happy Valentine’s day–we’re going to dinner with the Schuberts & Rudds. He just woke up, so I’d better go fix him his breakfast. Love you, Grandma.

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