Day Forty Two

Today was Thursday which means my LAST class day! I actually really enjoyed class today! My teacher told some GREAT stories about her sister who is a special education teacher in New York. They all contained one little boy named Ethan, he sounds like a very entertaining kid! We even got out of class early, and not 5 minutes early like last time…THIRTY minutes early! After class I came home and took a quick nap before Tutoring. I got sick at tutoring and almost had to leave early but I made it through the whole time. Cibriana even gave me a hug when it was time to leave…take that AMY (her old tutor!) I spent the rest of the night in bed sleeping. Amanda Brittany and I had a pretty fun night just hanging out and talking. I went to bed pretty early and was awoken at 1:45 AM by a raging techno party upstairs. The guys who live above us go to Santa Fe and obviously do not have to wake up early on Friday. Brittany took to banging on the ceiling and screaming from our porch to them…it was great! I pretty much just stayed in my warm bed while all this was happening and just listened and laughed and shouted random comments (remember I had been asleep!) Today’s picture is from the bus ride this morning…and I am warning you now it is a COMPLETE stalker picture. I am getting very good at taking them with my phone! It is of some football player, no idea who, that rides our bus. We saw him the day before and this morning I was riding the bus alone and he was across from me so SNAP…haha :)!

I know I am a total stalker when it comes to Gator Football…RYAN finds out if he gets in tomorrow!! FINGERS CROSSED! :)!

P.S. if anyone knows who this is…feel free to let me know! (haha) I think he is an older player, he was wearing a shirt from the 2007 National Championship (Ok I am a total creeper but at least I admit it!) GO GATORS

P.S. We watched an AMAZING video in class today that made everyone want to cry. Now whenever someone asks me Why I want to be a Teacher I can show them this video And to everyone who thinks being a teacher is the EASIEST job in the world…I would have to argue…I think it is the most difficult job in the world and this little boy explains exactly why…because when these kids have no one to love them or teach them…they have us! (Thats the part that made the entire class want to cry!) Except for Biffle who had to be the downer to point out that someone else wrote his speech (hahaha only you biffle!)


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