Day Forty Three

Today was absolutely DISGUSTING. It was RAINY and COLD, but I had a pretty good day despite that! I had a meeting for ACTIONS! about my new position (volunteer coordinator) this morning and then I came home until going to the library with my Biffle. We needed to get more books for children’s literature. I also got some Junie B. Jones books because Mentee said she liked them (fingers crossed this gets her reading!) Then we went to the mall…and yes it was STILL raining! I had a shockingly successful shopping trip! I got an adorable black dress from Express for $12.50! (SCORE) A pair of jeans from American Eagle and some lotion from Bath and Body works! The mall in Gainesville is horrible and I usually never buy anything! While at the mall I got an EXCELLENT text message from my baby brother Ryan…HE GOT INTO UF! :)! I was so excited, I had been so nervous because getting into UF is pretty difficult! I am so proud of him and all of his friends that got in! After the mall Amanda and I watched the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening (still watching it!) It started on an extremely sad note, Georgia Lugist Nodar Kumaritashvili was killed earlier today while doing a practice run. Here is the story. When the Georgia team walked in they recieved a standing ovation! Watching the rest of the teams walk in was exciting. Amanda and I picked out the countries with the cutests guys (so far Iceland is winning, surprising!) We are still waiting for the United States to enter! GO USA!!! :)! I love the Olympics and how they bring the entire world together (my favorite Olympics commercials are the GO WORLD ones!) Ok USA just walked in! They have the coolest hats with moose on them (I would NEVER pay $75 for that hat though) The crowd is going insane for USA! I wish I was there, but Amanda and I are planning our trip to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics! And I also plan on competing in the next Winter Olympics. I am convinced Curling is my sport (I just have to learn the sport and the rules) You will all get to see me walk in! (haha) Ok I am going to stop talking because I could go on and on about every little detail of the opening ceremony! OH! I forgot! (last thing I promise!) At the beginning they played the new We are the World video (created for Haiti) and it was AMAZING (I cant find a link or I would post it!)

Ok picture of the day is from campus. It is outside the Reitz Union (at the ampitheater) It is rows and rows of these seats (really just grass stairs) with a lake at the bottom. I would like to point out I risked the well being of my phone to snap this!  It is also in honor of my BROTHER getting into University of Florida! (best part of my day!) GO GATORS and GO TEAM USA (can’t wait to watch the rest of the Olympics!)

Update: So far the rest of the Opening Ceremony has been very cool (way cooler than watching the teams walk in!) My favorite part so far turned the floor into an ocean with giant whales swimming, it looked so real! I think it would be so amazing to see how they put this event together (I bet it takes forever) Whoever is behind the production of these opening ceremonies (of all the Olympic Games) is a PURE Genius! I wish I was creative enough to think of something like that! P.S. I am really bummed I have never been to Vancouver, they keep playing these commercials for it and it looks beautiful! Ok done talking about the opening ceremony, just going to say it was AMAZING (If I can find a link tomorrow I will post that way everyone will know what I am talking about and I won’t have to explain EVERY SINGLE thing that happens!)


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