Day Forty

Today was EXTREMELY Rainy! When I left for class it was just cloudy so I only grabbed my rain jacket…BIG mistake! When class got out it was raining cats and dogs! I had to wait for the bus in this torrential downpour! When I finally made it back to the apartment I was soaked. I had even been wearing my sperrys….BOAT SHOES…but they were soaked through! Todays picture is of my Sperry’s soaking wet and a completely different color…Funny story of the day…My Mom’s car got broken into last night (NO this is not the funny part!) but everyone in my family decided to text me at the exact same time (during my wonderful 2 hour nap :)!) Matt and Mom texted me the same message “Someone broke into my car and stole the camera” Then there was my dad who texted “Cute guy from the Hangover on Ellen” I am glad he knows me so well! So scary story turned funny!

Nothing else exciting happened today just class…boring as usual…BIG test tomorrow that I need to cram for, and by cram I mean complete the ENTIRE study guide! Fun night ahead! :)!

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