Day Forty One

Today I woke up at 6:30 so I could cram some more for this test. I was extremely nervous…this was my first test of Proteach and I really wanted to do well. Being this anxious resulted in about three hours of sleep…so I am pretty tired right now. The test went surprisingly well and I finished fairly quickly. I do hate that I always finish tests early because I never want to be the first one to turn my test in, so I spent about 20 minutes flipping through the test until someone else turned theirs in! Then I had girl scouts and we had a new girl come today! Her name is Jonelle (Nelly) and she is 9! She is the most energetic nine year old I have EVER met! I am sure Natalie will agree…it seemed as though all our girls were on a sugar high! Then I had art lab, which I usually hate, but it was surprisingly fun today. We learned about contour lines (You draw without picking up the pencil) First try we did blind contour and we had to draw a seashell without looking at the paper…the results were hilarious! Then we got to attempt it with glancing at the paper and I am very proud of my results (there are a couple pics today!) Here is my shell! We all had to place our papers on the center table and students were asked which one was the best example…and mine got picked! And I know you have all seen my previous artwork, so this was quite a shock I am rarely complemented on my art (I used to have to BEG my teacher to put my stuff in the art fair!) Contour line drawing went downhill from there… We had to do a contour drawing of our partner. So I had to draw my Biffle and she drew me…one word HILARIOUS! Mine is on the right…it reminds me a Frida Kahlos (sp?) work! haha! But yes as I said the drawing went downhill…Let me be the first to say this was DIFFICULT! Drawing people may be the hardest thing to do. I was doing just fine on the hair but then I came to the eyes and the NOSE. The nose may be the hardest thing to draw! But yes this is not what my Biffle looks like…Here is a picture of the two of us holding our creations! (I think they look like old ladies and decided thats what we will look like when we are 80 :)!!)

And then while we were sketching Biffle was having difficulty drawing my eyes. We were not allowed to draw “football” shaped eyes. So our TA came over and awkwardly pointed out parts of my eyes (by sticking a pencil inches from my face) Then the professor came over and attempted drawing my eyes. It was so hard to keep a straight face while they were doing this…especially when Biffle asked how to draw my lips (I could not stop laughing!) Like I said before drawing is hard so I have a newfound respect for our T.A. because she creates some pretty awesome sketches. She did one of these contour drawings for the class in like 3 minutes and it was awesome…definitely put mine to shame. But I must say my contour drawing has character…and its of my biffle! :)! haha Fun Art Lab! (This may be the only time these words are ever typed…except for when we do the photo project, hopefully! haha)

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