Day Thirty Nine

Today started pretty well…ended horribly. Tutoring went so much better today…Amy was only mentioned once. Mentee told me she wanted to grow up and be the next Beyonce and bring Amy on tour with her…but its ok she said I could come too! Watch out Amy I will soon be Mentee’s favorite tutor! We made fun Valentine’s Day cards. We made one for each other…mine started of DEER SARA (ARA-the nickname she gave me) As you can see we have a lot of work to do in the spelling department. The card itself was adorable though and I think she had a good time making it. She also started opening up to me more…she even told me a secret that involved a pinky promise and all (flashback to childhood!) Pretty much after tutoring my day went downhill…I am just extremely overwhelmed with everything going on this semester and the fact that people dont understand that Education is a legit degree…and that is all I am going to say, because I am 99% sure no one wants to read about me venting. I am hoping everything works out because I honestly cannot take anymore drama in my life.

Picture of the day is the book I finished reading this weekend, Gossamer!  (Excellent book!) I had to write a paper on it tonight for my childrens literature class. I also scattered my pictures behind it. They arrived in the mail today…thank you shutterfly! :)!

I am going to end today’s post with a quote….because I do not want to end on a negative note. I feel like this quote, while simple, embodies my day perfectly.

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over….it became a butterfly” -Asian Proverb

To me this is saying even though I think LIFE may be tough right now…bigger and better things are waiting for me. So I will not let stupid drama slow me down…even if it does cause unneccessary anxiety in my life! Lets hope for a better day tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Day Thirty Nine

  1. danielle says:

    Hope your day is better. Drama exists in all times of our lives. It is best to know and understand the actors. Most people that contribute to the drama need the stage constantly! Have a good one….love the pictures!

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