Day Thirty Eight

Today started off at FOUR AM (yes even EARLIER than yesterday) We woke up early for the shuttle launch. I was so excited to see it from Cocoa Beach (only a few miles from the launch pad) I had my camera set and ready to go on the tripod…and then came the news…the launch was SCRUBBED…thanks to low clouds. FANTASTIC! So I do not have an INCREDIBLE shuttle launch picture to share with you all. After this I went back to sleep (obviously) and then we stayed at the beach till about one, not really doing anything. After we got home I helped my little brother Matthew with his Spanish Assignment…he had to make a movie of him cooking something. Of course he chose something difficult (La Crema de Naranja???) But at least he had an AMAZING director to shoot his movie. I got to see Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl commercial (Yes the controversial one ) before I left to come back to school. I honestly saw absolutely nothing wrong with it…check it out for yourself! Then I found this commercial after returning to Gainesville…it may be my favorite, after the Tebow one of course :)! The little boy is simply hilarious! Oh…and the SAINTS WON!!! :)! They cremed the Colts! After winning, Saint’s QB Drew Brees came out on the field holding his son (who may I say is adorable!) It had to be the cutest thing ever!

So today’s picture of the day is from the beach this morning…it was not a very pretty day at the beach and I feel like this picture shows that…I am still bummed I do not have a shuttle launch picture to share (that would be WAAY cooler!)

Ok…this actually looks better than the beach did in real life…I guess thats the power of a camera…haha :)!


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