Day Thirty-Six

Today was a SUPER LUCKY DAY! I guess I will start by saying how I came upon this luck…CLEANING, something I absolutely DREAD doing (Ask anyone that knows me!) While cleaning my room in my apartment (in Gainesville) I found a total of SEVENTEEN DOLLARS! Today’s picture is of the first $5, I found it in a purse with my FLIP video camera…

I got distracted from cleaning when one of the Gator People I follow on twitter posted a link to a live feed of Tebow at the Gatorade Performace center…that kept me distracted for a good 30 minutes. He was on the bike answering questions and now I know we are MFEO (thank you Private Practice: MADE FOR EACH OTHER) He sings in the shower and likes country music! haha!

After this we went to see Dear John…I have been DYING to see this because I loved the book. The movie was incredible. There were a lot of changes from the book (I feel like I spent the whole time picking out differences) but it honestly did not bother me as much as it usually does, ie Time Travelers Wife or My Sisters Keeper (HATED how they changed those!) I think it was because this movie had some AMAZING actors (Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried had perfect chemistry!) I cried so much though!

After the movie Amanda and I drove back to Orlando, I am home for the weekend because I am going to see the Shuttle launch Sunday morning (fingers crossed it doesnt get scrubbed!) Being inspired by my childrens literature class I went through my entire bookshelf and picked out books I loved when I was younger (I have a stack of 12 I want to reread!) Hopefully Mentee will want to read one! And GET THIS! As I was loading the picture for today I was going through my desk at home and found an additional 40 dollars, a gift card to Olive Garden, a Life is Good sticker, and birthday cards from my 13th Birthday (almost 7 years ago) go ahead call me a pack rat! haha. Still going through the desk…lets hope I find more! :)!

Lesson for the Day…CLEAN MORE OFTEN ( you will never need a job! haha!)!


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