Day Thirty-Four

Today was fairly boring…class then girl scouts then class then ACTIONS! Just your average Wednesday! I would like to say that my ART TA is pure EVIL! She should not be teaching a class…she seriously shows no emotion!! But in class we finished our book project, and she complimented my last page! (I was shocked!) But then she wanted me to explain my thought process…as if I wasn’t smart enought to come up with it on my own (I wasn’t :)! It was Biffle’s idea!) haha! But oh well my book is currently hanging on the board in class as an example! (take that evil t.a.!)

After Art Class I had my ACTIONS Meeting which went REALLY well! You are looking at the NEW Volunteer Coordinator! I was nominated on the SPOT at the meeting! :)! I am responsible for creating 3 services projects for the rest of the year! I already have April’s service project planned. It is with a great organization Dreams For a Lifetime (they grant wishes to young adults with cancer). They are hosting a 5k race to raise money for this cause. My goal for ACTIONS! is $400, but I would LOVE to grant an entire wish (about $2,000) Hopefully every member of ACTIONS! will be willing to gather donations. We are planning on requiring each member to raise at least $10…this will allow us to reach the $400 goal. This would help pay for a large portion of a wish!

Today’s picture of the day is my art book! It goes in order…remember the assignment was to use simple shapes to tell a story. Can you guess what mines about?


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