Day Thirty Three

Today my roommate Amanda had to complete her photojournalism project and I got to be her model. She had to take portraits…and let me tell you we could so be professional portrait takers. I got to use her guitar as a prop…and if I ever decide to become a famous singer (which I wont because I cant sing) I will have amazing pictures for my CD. We also took some really cool ones of me with my camera, something I obviously use (hence this entire blog!) I was planning on using one of these pictures for today, but then we were inspired for a last picture. We got the inspiration from Channing Tatum’s new website POST THE LOVE (check out the very first picture and you will understand!) It took a while to get everything written on my hand…but I think it turned out really cool! So I guess I will keep today’s blog short…not t00 much happened today, besides class and homework (and thats all boring!) So here is today’s picture! :)! My Hand…very difficult to take a picture of your own hand without it looking awkward! haha! :)!


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