Day Thirty-Two

Today I had tutoring again. When I arrived I was still unsure of who my student would be. They had not found anyone for me by 2:30 this afternoon, so the site leader decided I would tutor her granddaughter. I went from having a 1st grader to 4th grader…big difference. She was sweet enough but definitely had the attitude that comes with nearing the teen years. She spent most of the time telling me about her old tutor and how AMAZING she was…imagine how that made me feel…and all I had for her to do were boring worksheets. (great first impression!) Then while we were talking she told me she liked Beyonce, when I agreed she looked at me in SHOCK and replied “YOU know who BEYONCE IS??” Yes Mentee (I am going to call her this, because I feel unprofessional using her real name)I know who Beyonce is. At least when we finished up she told her grandmother she had a good time (there is hope for the rest of the semester!)…but for Thursday I need to come up with some really awesome activities so I can beat this “Amy” girl (that was her old tutor). Today’s picture is from the site, its in a fairly poor part of Gainesville. I had to snap this picture quickly as possible while walking in using my camera phone so it does not show much. The apartment complex it is in is full of small brick buildings that look exactly the same. Adults sit outside while kids run freely around. I watched in horror as two young children ran across University Ave (an extremely busy street) with no adult supervision. I feel really glad to be able to help these children who may otherwise end up struggling with their school work.

-The larger building is where we tutor, it has a computer room, kitchen, and study room. Everyone lives in those smaller brick buildings.

OK ITS 11:25 PM On day 32 and the MOST exciting thing just happened! I almost created an entirely new post, but I will just include it in here…and guess what you get another picture well screenshot! So my roommates and I absolutely LOVE this new show the BURIED LIFE on MTV its about 4 guys trying to complete their list of 100 things they want to do before they die…but in every town they stop in they do something for someone else. For example in one episode they met a teacher who just wanted a computer for his classroom. The breakdanced their way to being able to purchase these students a new computer (this one is my favorite…because I want to be a teacher!) but onto the EXCITING NEWS! Tonight they @ REPLIED my friend Megan on Twitter!! This is like sending someone a message, and they did not simply retweet her…they wrote her a note! OH and they started following me! :)! GOOD NIGHT!

sorry its tiny! But it shows their message to Megan on my Tweetdeck and their twitter page! (Penelope is the name of the bus they travel across the country in) I absolutely love that MTV made a show that is not about partying and excessive drinking, but rather something viewers can look up to! Good Job MTV!


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