Day Thirty

Today was just a bad day. I could vent to you for hours about everything that ticked me off but it would involve some nasty words and I dont want to write those on here, so I will keep those thoughts to myself. The day started off with me driving to campus at 9 am (waking up at 8 am to get dressed and ready) for Pi Phi’s Down and Dirty flag football philanthropy. Upset #1, we did not have to be there until 11:45. I had no idea about this because of horrible lack of communication. This left me in a very sour mood. I could not go back to sleep because I was dressed with hair and make-up done. One plus…Dickie Roberts Child Star was on tv, so that kept me occupied until 11:45. (I used to love that movie when I was younger). So then I left to go and it was still raining, no pouring (it was raining at 9 AM too). So I stood in the rain for an hour, we still had yet to play when I left. After this my twin (Christina) and I got Chick Fil A for lunch! :)! I then ran to the library because I needed to get a historical fiction book for my childrens literature class. They did not have the one I put on hold, but I found a new one called Jacob’s Rescue. It was about the Holocaust. This may be my favorite topic in history. It is just so hard for me to imagine what people must have gone through during those times. I read the entire book in about an hour and I wanted to cry. It was about a young boy that was forced to hide with a family. This family risked their lives (they had two children of their own) to hide Jacob and eventually both his brothers. What I found extremely fascinating is that the couple that hid him now lives in Clearwater Florida! I still have to write a paper about it, but it should not be hard because I took History of the Holocaust last semester (Great class I recommend to anyone at UF that needs a history credit, or just wants an interesting course!) That night I went to celebrate my friend Laurens 20th Birthday party. It was at her apartment, it was really good getting to see her, and that is where I will stop….haha

Picture from today is of an AMAZING table the birthday girl painted!!!!


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