Day Thirty-One

MONTH ONE IS COMPLETE!!! Today was a pretty chill day. I slept till about 11:30 because I had been up till 4 AM the night before. Not much to really say, but I started a new book called “Someday my Prince will Come,” its alright but not my favorite so far. Then Amanda, my big and I all went to 6 pm Mass. The readings were all about LOVE, which is depressing (haha) The homily was extremely boring, I had to force my eyes to stay open. During the announcements I found my missing camera cord in my purse, Thank you God! :)! Hence the previous post (needed that cord to get pictures off my camera!) Tonight we watched the 2010 Grammy’s! Lady Antebellum performed which was extremely exciting because I saw them at the beginning of this month at the Sugar Bowl! Right now Bon Jovi is performing with Sugarlands Jennifer Nettles (I think thats her name!) but I love it! :)! Go Country Music! Taylor Swift and Zac Brown Band also performed! They did a tribute to Michael Jackson that involved 3D glasses (which we did not have) so we missed out on that, but Carrie Underwood, Celine Dion, Usher, Smokey Robinson, and Jennifer Hudson (I hope I got them all) sang! It was amazing and I absolutely LOVED Carrie Underwood’s dress!

Picture of today is from the Church Parking Lot…I find these signs absolutely hilarious! “Thou Shalt Not Park Here” Sorry its blurry its from my phone!


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