Day Twenty-Nine

Today was great! I had no class so I got to sleep in…well if you consider 9 am sleeping in! (haha thats what happens when you have class every morning at 8:30!) Then I attempted to clean my room…it did not go well. Afterwards Natalie came back and brought Megan along, and then when Amanda got back from volunteering we did a workout video…it was hilarious! We made sure to close the blinds…but just imagine four girls doing jumping jacks in a tiny living room (its a good thing we remembered to turn the fan off!) It was a good workout though!

Tonight we went to the Link to Pink Gymnastics Meet (UF vs LSU) it was to raise awareness/money for breast cancer! It was amazing, the UF gymnasts were so talented! I wish I could run and flip like that. UF wore these adorable pink and black warm-ups and shiny pink leotards for breast cancer, but I was extremely disappointed that LSU chose to wear purple and gold (their schools colors) I mean come on, the meet is called LINK TO PINK…I guess they didn’t get the memo! The picture for today is REALLY grainy…I apologize…I wanted to get a good picture at the meet but I got yelled at for using my flash! :(! So I resorted to using my phone and decided to make a panoramic picture using an app on my phone! Here it is!


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