Day Twenty-Eight

Today was fairly busy! I had class, then my biffle drove me home, because she was going back to New Port Richey for the weekend…and the funniest thing happened while walking to her car! She pointed to a car I thought was hers but then I realized the driver’s side window was down, so I asked is THAT your car with the window down? She was confused and said no…but it really was! She had left her window rolled down since TUESDAY! This may not sound too funny in words but if you were there you would have been keeled over laughing right next to us, but maybe thats because we are biffles I’m not sure! She was extremely lucky that nothing was gone…including the car itself! Now biffle doesn’t just have to worry about remembering to lock the doors…she also has to worry about the windows! haha

After that fun drive back to the apartment I had to get ready for tutoring for the FIRST time! It was in an extremely sketch part of town, and the complex it was in was VERY confusing! I drove around for a good twenty minutes until someone asked if I was a mentor! I was so relieved to have found it. I kept calling people over and over trying to find it. But my mentee did not show up, and apparently she doesn’t come a lot, so they are currently trying to find me a new mentee. I ended up tutoring a third grader Matavia. She was so smart! We played math games and she would solve the problems so quickly! It turns out she is my friend Julianne’s mentee…they will get along great!

After tutoring I had to go to Walmart to buy a poster board. I planned on making an AMAZING sign for the intramural basketball game! My big was playing in it…it was her first intramural sport! The sign turned out awesome…her last name is Skillman but everyone calls her Skillz! So my sign said “My Big’s got SKILLZ!” The game was a lot of fun because SO MANY sisters showed up! Oh ya! and we won, thats always fun!

After the game Devan, my big, Julianne, Rachel, Stephanie and I all went to Mochi! Mochi is an amazing frozen yogurt place in Gainesville. It is self serve (from a variety of flavors) and then you choose toppings! My favorite flavor is the taro and I love putting mochi on mine! Overall it was a great day!

Picture of the day was taken by STEPHANIE! Who I am putting on my photography committee whether she likes it or not! She got some AMAZING shots at the basketball game tonight. This is a picture of my big and I after the game holding her beautiful sign!

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