Day Twenty-Seven

Today was BUSY busy BUSY! I had class at 8:30 and was a few minutes late because the bus was full and I had to wait for another one (not fun!) After class I had girl scouts! We switched days so more girls could come! We had an impressive turnout…FIVE GIRLS, compared to our usual two! The picture for today comes from Girl Scouts! We gave two of our girls, Keturah and Kiara, their Junior Sashes, so that was very exciting!

I really like this picture of the girls because they are ALL focused on their work! Natalie and I let them journal for the first 15 minutes of every meeting and that is what they are working so hard on! I also love Marquisha’s giant puffer jacket, she did not take it off till the very end of the meeting!

After girl scouts I had art lab…which was miserably boring! I think me being tired contributed to the boringness (if thats even a word!) We had a director from the schools art museum teach us how to incorporate art into the classroom, and what she said was interesting I was just not in the mood to sit and listen for TWO HOURS! Oh and my wonderful ta (please note the sarcasm) gave me a bad grade on a REACTION paper…never knew your reaction could be wrong. Luckily I can redo it and get a few more points (woohoo!)

After surviving two hours of a lecture (in what was supposed to be a LAB) I went to the UF vs UCF tennis match! I was really excited to go because my teammate from high school Jenna plays for UCF! I felt like a complete traitor rooting for UCF and not UF! It was so cool to see Jenna’s name on the scoreboard! Watching these girls made me realize just HOW good some players are at tennis! That was pretty much my entire day…tomorrow is the last day of class before the weekend! :)! Oh and I start mentoring my bright futures student tomorrow!! She is a little first grader, and I am so excited to meet her! :)!

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