Day Twenty-Six

Today I had childrens literature for THREE hours (like always) this week we talked about traditional literature. We had an assignment to find the same folk tale from a different cultures. I brought Irish and Chinese Cinderella! It was really interesting to read this familiar story from a different perspective. A lot of other people brought Cinderella too! Biffle found Egyptian Cinderella which was based on a true story of an Egyptian Slave kidnapped from Greece. One of my classmates compared the traditional Jack and the Giant Beanstalk, with Paco and the Giant Chile Plant (I just found this title hilarious!)

After class I got to work on homeowork, I had a lot to do and not much time to do it, given I had class at five and Mocktails: Sex and the City party at 8. The party was at my sorority house and it was so much fun! The decorations were absolutely adorable, my sisters did a great job setting it up! Below is a picture of one of the decorations, I love the pink heel with the flower. The black background looks awesome behind it too! :)!

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