Day Twenty-Two

Since I was off exploring LA I am going to have a few extra photos for the next couple days! There were so many to choose from but first I would like to introduce you to the Holiday Duck…Each holiday my grandma dresses him up in clothes she made, and the christmas clothes were still on, so that had to be documented. The day was very rainy something I have never experienced in LA, so again a picture was necessary! But I will include that one at the end! It is out the car window showing all the rain! Since we did not get to the hotel till 1 am this morning it was a rather lazy day. We spent most of the day taking a nap…that ended up lasting TWO hours! Once we woke up and ate breakfast at the hotel (delicious made to order omlettes!) we headed to my grandparents house. We were trying to decide on lunch and we went with a classic, In’N’Out Burgers! My grandpa loved his burger and milkshakes. Then for dinner we went to Scarintinos (another Cali trip traditonal stop) its a family owned Italian restaurant that my dad has been going to since he was little.Then we returned to my grandparents and we watched the end of the Hope for Haiti special (to raise money for earthquake victims in Haiti) It was so cool seeing all the celebrities answering the phones in LA (Taylor Swift and John Krasinski included) The stories they told were so sad, hopefully the money will go toward helping them rebuild. After this we headed back to the hotel. So below is the picture of the rain in California! (I was hoping to see a Mudslide, but that didnt happen!)


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