Day Twenty-Three

This morning my dad woke me up bright and early to go on a photo adventure at my favorite place in LA, The Griffith Observatory (there are a couple pictures from today) Its hard to pick just one picture when you cram so much into one day! At the observatory the skies were blue and you could see the snow covered mountains in the distance.People watching here was great, lots of tourists, boy scouts and old people with walking sticks! After leaving the observatory we went to another Cali Trip Traditional lunch, Buko! We brought my grandparents and my grandpa got a pink lemonade snapple that made his day! I had sushi and chicken teryaki! It was delicious! After lunch we braved the LA traffic to get downtown to USC. Our family friend Rick is a student there and was going to give us a tour! We met him on Frat/Sorority Row, I was bummed they didnt have a Phi Mu there! Rick’s frat house was straight out of Animal House, as my mom put it, but hey its all part of the college experience! The USC campus itself was gorgeous! We saw everything, and of course me being the genius I am decided to wear ballet flats (hello disgusting blister) But it was fun and really good getting to see Rick, because we hadn’t seen him in a few years. Below is a picture of my brothers, Rick, and I at USC.

Another exciting part of the tour was that we saw where they were filming the SAG awards…THAT night! IT wasn’t till we left and I checked twitter did the stars begin to arrive! I still can’t believe we were that close to some of my favorite stars! But oh well my day will come (hopefully!) For dinner we went to this little restaurant where my grandparents had their first date! It is like an old English pub, the waitors and waitresses had to dress in costume (hilarious!) I got to see my uncle Mike, uncle David, and Aunt Donna! I was bummed I didnt get to see my cousins but they are all in school! Afterwards we went back to my grandparents to enjoy apple pie my Uncle Mike made from scratch, but I was too full to even try a piece! Then we spent the rest of the night looking through old photographs from when my dad was little! So today’s official picture of day is below and it is a bunch of the old photos from when my dad and uncle david were little!

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