Day Twenty-Four

Today we woke up at 7 AM to finish packing, eat breakfast and say goodbye to my grandparents. We surprised my grandpa with a bear claw! My uncle had this GIANT apple he picked off his tree! It looks like it should be entered into a contest! He used these apples to make the apple pie from the night before. THEY ARE GIANT!Once we hit the road and headed toward the airport I became a bundle of nerves! I absolutely HATE driving in LA the roads are narrow and everyone is anxious to get where they are going. Once we returned the rental car a shuttle took us to the airport where security was conducting random car searches (SKETCH!) then when we pulled up to the curb there was a giant line outside, down the curb, I assumed it was for checking in, boy was I wrong! It was the security line. The whole time we stood in this line my stomach was in knots! I can easily say LAX is my least favorite airport. Finally made it through security grabbed some food and by the time we reached the gate they were boarding. The moment we stepped on the plane you could hear a child screaming, great just what I wanted for a four hour flight a screaming 2 yr old. But when we got closer I saw it was an older boy, maybe 10 ears old. He was unable to control his emotions. I felt so bad for him, he obviously did not want to be on the plane and his screaming and flailing was proof enough. The flight attendants tried their best to get him and his family off the plane so the child coud calm down but they refused (delaying our flight) but personally if I was his mom the minute he started screaming we would be off that plane! It is not fair to him or to the other passengers to put him through this. Luckily he was fairly calm for most of the flight, until we started our descent, which made me want to cry! It was extremely bumpy  and so hot, I thought I was going to half to use the throw up bag! (luckily I did not!) After we safely landed I parted with my family to find my gate. My flight was delayed 20 minutes but that gave me time to relax before boarding the TINY plane to Gainesville. The cutest little boy sat in front of me and kept me fairly entertained. Finally I arrived back in GAINESVILLE around 11pm! End of a GREAT trip to LA. I really enjoyed getting to see my family and friends! I can’t wait till I get to go back!


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