Day Twenty-One

So my worst fear was confirmed today on the drive to the Gainesville airport, I recieved a call from US-Airways saying my flight had been delayed 40 minutes and I would be missing my connection. They then told me they had rescheduled me on the 6 pm flight out of Charlotte to L.A. So I was not too stressed, but come time for my flight I get delayed again, and to make a long story short I have now switched airlines to Delta, will be flying into Atlanta and flying from there to L.A. at 946 pm, arriving in L.A. at midnight, (3 am florida time) So I am writing todays blog now. Let me just say flying alone is not fun…and this was not a good first time. It is extremely stressful trying to figure out HOW I am going to get to L.A. and on top of that I have to meet my family there. My Dad who is Phoenix for a conference is stuck there as well (the airport COMPLETELY shutdown) and my mom and brothers are in Orlando( no idea whats going on there!) and I am in Gainesville for who knows how long! One positive is that they have wireless internet, I don’t know what I would do for all this time (I have been here since 1 pm, currently 4:05 pm) So today’s picture is quite boring, it is a picture of my suitcase chilling in the airport. I considered using photos of the weather forecast… I am going from pouring down rain to more pouring down rain (and I have been to L.A. on numerous occasions and I honestly can’t remember it ever raining there) Oh yeah! There are also flash flood warnings and mudslides all around L.A. I saw an image earlier from the foothills of Glendale (where my grandparents live) of damage from a mudslide, but funny story when my dad called them my grandma was going to get her nails done, and my grandpa “thought” it might be raining! So hopefully it’s sunny there but with my luck it’s rainy there and in Gainesville. Hopefully I make it there tonight, along with my entire family, or else my roommates may be coming back to get me (if I dont make it to Atlanta) or I may be spending the night at my Uncle Davids house in Pasadena (if I make it to L.A.) and waiting for my family.

GOOD SIGN! My plane is departing from Atlanta as we speak, so I may be making it to L.A. tonight!!!!! I just finished going through security so I am waiting in the tiniest airport ever (3 gates…no lie) So here is today’s picture for now…I may update this if anything else happens tonight (i just wanted to post something because when/if I get to L.A. it will be tomorrow, and I am not sure if I will get internet in Atlanta)…but lets hope I make it to L.A. with no more troubles or delays!

this is after 4 hours sitting in the Gainesville airport…


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