Day Twenty

Ok, todays post is going to be short, sweet and to the point, because I need to go to sleep early tonight…CALIFORNIA tomorrow! well after I survive a three hour class! But todays picture is from my art class…we continued our book assignment. The assignment is to make a book using only shapes and tell a story in three pages. At first this project really intimidated me, but I got a lot accomplished. My story is about a seed growing. The first page is the one shown below, on page two it is a close up of the seed with roots coming out, and the final page will be a giant flower. Hopefully it will get me a good grade! The rest of the day was a pretty average Wednesday. I went to class, came home did homework, went back to class, then I went to the house for my late plate. I ate dinner with Biffle, Nicole, and Julianne and PAPA DON (one of our house parents) and let me just say he his hilarious! Then I went to my ACTIONS! meeting which was fun as always! Then I came home wrote another paper, packed, and now I am writing this! So here is todays picture…it is Page one of the Art project!

I promise tomorrows post will be more interesting…hopefully I will NOT be telling you from Charlotte N.C. (I am really nervous that I will miss my connecting flight!) but I should be fine, and if I do get stranded in Charlotte…I will make Chelsie (my friend that goes to Davidson) come pick me up! :)! But hopefully I will be sharing an amazing picture from L.A. tomorrow!

P.S. Please do not judge my artistic ability…haha! Page two looks a lot better I promise, and remember you can only use basic shapes to make the pages!


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