Day Nineteen

Today was back to REALITY…and it sucked! The morning started bright and early (8:30 AM class) with Childerns Literature for THREE hours…when that class ends my brain shuts off…which doesnt help when you have class again at 5 pm (night classes suck!)

My day was extremely busy when class got out, I had to ride the bus home, get my car, drive back to campus and head to the library, to get childrens books for class( I got the Irish and Chinese Cinderella). After running to the library (where they failed to “hold” my books for me) I went to target copy to pick up a course pack for my art class. Of course they were out…so I had to order one (luckily they have already called and its finished!)

Then when I got home we went to our neighbors because she got a new puppy, Trey…ironic but sad story behind the name: Trey was hit by a car and was going to have to have a leg amputated so they named him Trey (because of the THREE legs) but they ended up not amputating, so he is still Trey just with four legs! By the time we finished playing with the puppy it was time for GIRL SCOUTS…where no one showed up…so I went straight to class (which was extremely boring) and now I am doing homework for the rest of the night…even though I could fall asleep right now…lack of sleep is not fun! But my roommate Amanda is making coffee (she is addicted) and I think I  may start drinking some too! haha! :)!

So enough talk of my boring day…which will pretty much be my day everyday for the rest of the semester…Class bright and early…volunteering…then homework…then sleep…then REPEAT…I guess I will have to enjoy life on the weekend…(this one will be particularly exciting I am going to California!!)

Picture for the day is of Vicky’s puppies Zoey and Trey (the new one) playing at her apartment…I love the look of curiosity on Trey’s face, its priceless…whereas Zoey is probably thinking “Where did this new dog come from!?” :)!


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