Day Twelve

Today I was totally stuck on what to use for a picture! I spent the ENTIRE day in class, and volunteering! I am a Girl Scout Troop leader so I wanted to take a picture of my girl scouts working…but I thought that might be a little creepy, and a little bit of an invasion of privacy to post it to the blog. So then I thought maybe I would take a picture of the handicapped parking sign someone knocked down outside of my apartment! What I REALLY wish I had my camera for was this morning on the bus driving by the soccer fields they were COMPLETELY white…covered in ice! I have learned my lesson…tiny Nikon will always be in my purse/backpack!

So come 8 pm…I am sitting reading an article (reading has become my life this semester) and still no picture. I did a pretty awesome doodle at girl scouts so I took several “artistic” shots of that to use…but then came my inspiration for the night; my roommate Amanda came out and asked me to help her make pancakes…and that is where these pictures come from. Pancakes were an epic fail…as you will seee…but they were delicious and very fun to make! :)! I put the four pictures together to show the process…

Oh! and if you are wondering why they look so lumpy…they are banana chocolote chip pancakes…haha :)!

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