Day Two

Today my mom’s friend Dara and her husband Tommy drove us all around New Orleans showing us the sights! I took so many pictures today that I was unable to pick just one, so I am going to share a few photos! First we drove through the garden district, the streets are lined with giant mansions, but Tommy made sure to point out there areas are not very safe, go back a few blocks and you are in a very dangerous part of town. Then we drove through a cemetary! hence the picture! All of the graves are above ground due to the fact that New Orleans is below sea level. After that they began to show us some destruction left behind from Hurricane Katrina. I would also like to point out that Hurricane Katrina occured FOUR YEARS ago. The fact that so much devastation was still left behind was shocking! One town destroyed by the storm was JUST now reopening WALMART in their area! Many of the streets still did not have StreetLights! This next picture is from an area along a lake that used to be full of restaurants! Nothing has been rebuilt there. we spent the rest of the day looking at more devastation, but we also saw some signs of hope. Brad Pitt and Harry Connick Jr are two celebrities donating their time and money to rebuilding areas destryoed by Katrina. We saw examples of both their work.


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