Project 365: Who? What?When? Why?

Project 365 is an idea I got from a this new book called PhotoJoJo (recomend it to anyone that likes photography) The directions were simple, take one picture everyday for 365 days! I decided to attempt this as well. I always seem to have one of my cameras with me and I am always snapping away! So why not pick one photo everyday to share with the world? It will also serve as a good tool for me to look back on the year. And I know I am starting this a few days late…ok 10 days late, but have no fear I do have photos for all those days! I will post them in the next post! To start off I would like to share my FAVORITE photo from December 31st 2009. My Mom and I were in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl (going to cheer our GATORS on) And we ended up eating lunch in the team hotel…where we ran into a lot of players…but I was most excited when my mom saw Tim Tebow! For those who dont know this he is my favorite player! I have been dying to get one picture with him for pretty much my whole college career. I still cant believe it happened! So its easy for me to say I ended 2009 on a VERY positive note!

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